Six-Guns: Gang Showdown MOD 2.9.6a, (Unlimited Money & Stars) For Android

Six Guns Mod APK Latest Download 2020

Six-Guns Showdown APK mod is a full action and adventuring game designed by the Games loft with the latest update 2020. In this game entire story revolves around the main character named” Buck Croshaw,” who is always ready to fight against the criminals and bad boys.

Six Guns Mod apk

In Six-Guns game free download, the main character escaped from the death penalty in the case of the murder of a police officer and found himself somewhere in Arizona with a lost memory. Then he starts rolling in the jungle in search of the village or community after some hard days spending in the forest alone; he finally got a society to settle and begin a new life there.

What is Your Role in this Game?
In that community, there are lots of criminal groups who are always ready to do something wrong in the city and spreading fear. Once the Police Officer was fighting alone with the group of Criminals, the officer asked for help from the Gamer. Gamer helped the officer and start fighting against the criminals and defeat them after long blood Battles.

In that battle, Gamer saved a beautiful lady and spread justice in the local community, in return he found a lottery ticket from which the Gamer got a chance to buy more weapons to fight against the criminal groups and bad boys.

Download six-gun apk mod and play offline with a lot of adventure and thrill. Tap the name of the file to install. If the installation does not start, you must activate the unknown sources in the Android settings. Downloading is smooth, thanks to our high speed. We provide direct links to the available versions of Six-Guns: Gang Showdown (MOD, Unlimited Money / Stars) APK for free.

Six Guns

You will love this action game, and we think you will enjoy anywhere on your Android phone or tablet! We have written the Complete Setup that how To download six-gun free download (MOD, Unlimited Money / Stars)APK, please click on the corresponding download button.

Six-Guns Showdown MOD Apk

After winning the battle, Six-Guns APK gamer promoted to the next level and reached in the graveyard where he started fighting against wicked souls and ghosts and got the victory after the long confrontation.

In that Sixgun mods, the hero gets promoted to the next level and has the choice to move anywhere, but in every corner, you got Criminal groups and dangerous adventures. If you face difficulty to fight against criminals and wicked souls, you have a choice to purchase aggressive weapons with real money.

If you need a separate action app for your device, download Six-Guns: Gang Showdown (MOD, unlimited money/stars) APK for a fantastic Adventure. However, you need the Good Android Phone to install this Adventurous Game.

Download the full application using the preferred browser and click the installation button to install the apk file. Please note that we provide original and pure APK file and provide faster download speeds than six guns: gang confrontation apk mirror.

You can also download the Six guns apk and run it using popular android simulators.

  • New Six-Guns Apk 2.9.3e
  • Download Six-Guns Apk 2.9.2c
  • Six-Guns MOD Apk 2.9.1f
  • The Six-Guns Apk 2.9.0h
  • Six-Guns Apk 2.7.0k

Download the Six-Guns: Gang Showdown (MOD, Unlimited Money / Stars)

  • Updated APK is available on
  • New Update on February 7, 2020.
  • The latest and updated version are 2.9.6a.

Highly Rated Perfection

Six guns gang showdown apk” is a well-balanced game. The most obvious proof is that, for a long time, you don’t need to adjust too much yet. The patches are only trying to improve performance, optimize, and correct some display errors. And these patches are solely responsible for bringing the latest events to the players, along with adding themes for the occasion. 

  • Full HD Graphics
  • Mesmerizing Experience
  • Latest Updates Notification
  • 3D Video Formate
  • Clear and Realistic Graphics
  • Player feel the harshness of the battlefield I am attending

The image of the game is a considerable influence on the game at a later time. With Full HD graphics that are reversed basically from the start, six guns android game brings mesmerizing experiences and impresses players from the first games.

 The 3D format describes everything in detail. If you experiment, while fighting, try to observe how the bullet will harm the enemy, it was brutally clear and realistic, blood came out, and the enemy felt pain. 


Playing a Real Game or NOT?


Six-Guns 40 Missions Guide

In this Updated Six Guns game, the player will play the part of the violent society of the American Wild West. With so many different character types, players can choose an individual identity for themselves and start fighting for their lives. Cowboys, bandits, and vandals. Because the players can change their appearance on your shot and also the Upgraded weapons in Free.

Download Six Guns Gangs Shows Down Mod Apk file

 Some of the famous battlefields are: 
  • Red Plains  Desert
  • Devil’s Garden
  • GrandCanyon
  • Nine Elders
  • Outlaw Camp
Main Character and Secrete Challenges
Buck Croshaw is the name of the main character you will be playing. “Six-Guns: Gang Showdown.” He had to flee to Arizona to escape the law, to find a peaceful life. But a dark force there continues to make this guy difficult.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown is an FPS shooting game, but it offers players an enormous open world. You will have to venture into many places to fight, meet many people, and face many powerful enemies. The context in Arizona and Oregon, with countless events, secrets, and challenges, will continually get players into trouble.

Types of Guns in SIX-GUNS APK

There are 19 different types of weapons which are given below:

  • Death Lesson
  • Charging Rhino
  • Liar’s Legging
  • Bluffer’s Boots
  • Deception Jackets
  • Man Mower
  • Nasty Chain Saw
  • Golden Flake Canyon
  • Ripper Golden
  • Triple Golden
  • Barrel Terre
  • The Fire Equalizer
  • Fire Flake Cannon
  •  Werewolf Slayer
  • Doom Bringers
  • Nivelador
  • Assault Pump Shot Gun
  • Long Shot Repeater 1887

Pressure Space

A shooter desire players to be able to use all their senses to manage maximum combat ability. Manual manipulations, profound observations are the primary factor. However, to become a member who can overwhelm the opponent, you need to pay attention to the sound.

It all depends on how you get the opponent’s sound. All your movements and opponents create certain noises. The game is so subtly designed that you can faintly guess the distance and position of the enemy by listening. The shots, the screaming people, and all the languages ​​so that the player feels an invisible pressure weighs on the battle.

The harmonization of images and sounds brings players to perfection in the game.

Name Six Guns Mod Apk
Current Version 2.9.6a
File Size 781.1 MB
Price Free
Platform Android, IOS, Windows, & Mac
Genre Action-Adventure Game

How To Play and keep an Eye?

Everyone knows that “Six-Guns Showdown APK” is a game that requires players to play a lot about game techniques. But that is not suitable the player must have these qualities to Play the game with perfection.

  • Players must have a good observation
  • If they can cover the situation regularly players gain a small advantage
  • However, it still has customization to preserve the specialties of this series.
  • The most moving thing is that you can watch your character more carefully.
  • Your view will be through the shoulder, so it is not much distant from the first.

It is as if you bought them a charming set of custom sets externally looking at it. A world full of cowboys, crook, and even supernatural creatures gives you a chaotic experience. The only order to follow in this world is violence. The more confident you are, the faster and more powerful then longer you will survive in the world.

New Version of Six Guns Mod Apk

Incredibly Challenging

With over 40 missions designed throughout the game, “Six-Guns mod APK 2.9.4l” takes its players to many challenges unprecedented in this game. In this game, you will have to go through different Adventurous and Thrillings missions to win a lot of money, and you have to kill many persons before reaching the final glory.

Horse racing, taking down bandits, battling a host of enemies, and many more incidents that require players to be vigilant in all the Difficult situations. Forty missions always have rewarding rewards, Conquer players to exchange their lives to play with them.


Six-Guns is a wild west-style action-adventure mobile game. The game allows the player to walk or ride a horse and complete missions as a man named Buck Cross-haw on two-game maps, Arizona (with deserts and tables) and Oregon (containing forests and mountains).

An in-game store and currency system lets you upgrade clothing, weapons, and horses, with optional micro-transactions available for additional or premium credits. As missions are completed, the player is rewarded with coins and experience points, unlocking access to higher-level items in the store.


The main storyline and campaign follow Cross-haw’s discoveries about the events and plight of his lost wife, while a multiplayer mode allows online deathmatches and captures the flag. In the Windows 8 version, the game supports touch controls, keyboard and mouse, and a joystick. The game can also save to a cloud in a linked account, such as Game Center on iOS or Xbox Live on Windows 8)

Main Story Line
Buck Cross-haw is an outlaw hero, and he keeps justice on his way. Those who have done a lousy job have never escaped their weapon. He never killed anybody who did not deserve a wicked death. But this approach has affected many various forces; they do not want to operate such harsh justice.

New money and talent are what these greedy people wish to. Therefore, Buck Cross-haw was chased to Arizona by many organizations and forced to die, so as not to disturb his world any further. But he escaped that threat. Unfortunately, the challenge is expected for it to be much more evil.

Now on this Mission time, the cowboy has to face incredible forces. They are Demon, they do not follow the rules of life, and they take measures to break the laws of physics.

Six-Guns Apk Battlefields

Arizona and Oregon are two places you will hear during your game. Everything is perfectly simulated. Players will venture out and explore new lands where people are afraid. But they are lovely. Instead, don’t let this wild and charismatic look fool you – villagers, vampires, and werewolves are hiding somewhere.

MOD Info

  • Infinite Sheriff Stars
  • Unlimited Coins/Money
  • No Root
  • Original Game from Gameloft

Note:  Always play offline, turn off the internet before entering the game. 

Installation Guide

  • Download the six guns mod apk and data in the form of a zip file
  • Extract the file to zip with the help of any zip manager
  • Install the six guns mod apk but don’t open it
  • Move the extracted game folder to root folder >android>obb.
  • Launch the six guns game and play.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MOD Apk File is Harmful or Not?

No, the app doesn’t harm any device if you have downloaded the fully secure and Full Setup.

What is the Size of Six-Guns MOD APK File?

The Total Size of the Apk file is 781 MB, and a small setup is just 26 MB.

How to Get the Sherrif Stars in Free?

Press the gold icon Given Above. Click and Watch all the movies to get sheriff stars for free. When there is no movie left, keep pressing the button up to 20 times. Use the cross button to get into the lottery. Again, press the cross button after getting into the lottery. Check your sheriff star that is increased. Repeat the process to get more stars.

Is this game is paid or free?

This Game is Fully Free; you can download the full game free of cost and enjoy the Action Game.

How to Play Six-Guns On PC?

With the Help of PC android emulator software. Just downloads six guns mod apk in your PC by using android emulator software and download six guns mod apk in a zip format and unzip the file in the root folder to install and play the game.

How to Download the Sixguns Mod apk?

There are Various Ways to download the Game. But if you are in a hurry and want to play the game as soon as possible. So, You can Download the game on just on click on the button.