Is It Possible to Play Sports During Menstruation?

Is It Possible to Play Sports During Menstruation?

Is it possible to play sports during menstruation?

Contents What is menstruation Sports during menstruation Hygiene during exercise Kinds of sports Conclusion Menstruation is a period in the life of every woman and girl, which limits them from different activities. As for whether it is possible to play sports during menstruation, there has been a constant debate for more than a decade and it has not been possible to come to a final answer.

What is menstruation? Menstruation or menstruation is a bloody vaginal discharge that women have to deal with once a month. In order to avoid problems with the body, the amount of lost blood should not be more than 150 ml. After the girl turns 8, changes take place in her body, so to speak, it prepares for puberty. But how long it will last is difficult to answer, since each organism is individual. On average, a girl’s menstruation begins at the age of 13, but there may be a deviation of two years in one direction or the other.

If at this time the critical days did not come, then this is a reason to consult a doctor. It is worth noting that after the first menstruation comes, the cycle will be unstable, and within 2-3 months it will only be established. Therefore, you should not be surprised if the interval between the next discharge is more than a month. Sports during menstruation Today, many people, and in particular girls, go in for sports, and therefore such a question as to whether or not to play sports during menstruation becomes relevant. Opinions on this issue are divided, some believe that this is a necessary measure, other people say that sports are contraindicated during menstruation, and still others believe that minor loads are allowed.

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Instead of dieting and exercise In fact, whether or not it is allowed to play sports depends on the individual characteristics of the structure of the female body. If a girl feels well, then why not go in for sports – if this is her favorite pastime. If a girl goes in for sports all the time, it was foolish to completely stop exercising, you can simply reduce the load. In the event that the discharge is too abundant and accompanied by painful sensations, then the physical activity should be minimized. Surely, the girl herself will refuse such activities if she does not feel well. Sport on critical days can even be beneficial, its positive properties lie in the following: improves blood circulation; mood improves; the premenstrual syndrome is not so violent; muscles are toned; the lower back ceases to hurt.

Hygiene during exercise In the event that you play sports during your period, you need to wash your genitals at least 2-3 times a day. What to choose tampons or pads is a matter for each person personally, since one is convenient with the former, and the latter can only be dispensed with the help of pads. Typically, tampons need to be changed every four hours, and pads every 8 hours, but if the discharge is too heavy, then this time should be shortened.

Is It Possible to Play Sports During Menstruation?

It is worth remembering that bloody discharge is a soil favorable for viruses, where they multiply and can develop various diseases. For sports, you can opt for a menstrual cup that fits into your vagina. Thanks to this method, you do not have to worry about the liquid starting to flow out, which is often the complaint of girls who use pads. Sports It should be borne in mind that the more intense the activity, the stronger the discharge, so you should not engage in too active activities.

During your period, the following are excellent sports options: Swimming. You just need to use a bowl or tampon so that the bleeding does not leak. Run. It is not recommended to go jogging in the first days of your period. If you have pain in the abdomen, then it is better to do Scandinavian walking. Yoga or Pilates. Any hygiene product can be used. But during classes, positions aimed at muscle stretching are prohibited.

It is not recommended to use sanitary pads during exercise. See also: How to start playing sports: tips for beginners As doctors say, it is better to continue doing your usual activities on critical days, and for sports, it is worth choosing the right clothes, which should not be tight. Preference should be given to clothing in a dark shade that absorbs sweat well. During exercise, you need to drink a lot to replenish fluid in the body.

Conclusion In some cases, the doctor may prohibit sports. It is worth listening to his recommendations because there must be evidence of that. In the event that you have a delay in the menstrual cycle, it is not recommended to go in for sports, it is better to visit a doctor. If he allowed him to play sports, then you need to choose a well-ventilated room or fresh air for exercising.

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