Most Valuable Fitness Tips

Most Valuable Fitness Tips

In the year of Sao, you will know if you apply for a card and practice. There are indeed many beautiful ladies in the gym, but they are useless. If you are new to the gym, you will not be able to raise your head at all if you have a small body like a chicken in front of beautiful young ladies, especially those sweaty and vigorous young ladies. Not only is the upper head embarrassed to lift it, (because of psychological weakness) I am afraid that the lower head will not be able to lift it if there is a chance. Naturally, if you are stimulated by this in the year of Sao Nian, you will work hard to train all kinds of equipment, sweat like rain to shape your body, and strive to be lucky enough to have a conversation with the beautiful ladies as soon as possible.

After a while, you will find that your attention begins to shift, from the beautiful ladies to the various big muscle tyrants. “Oh fuck, this guy is so handsome, how did you practice it?” From then on, the postures of the ladies in the gym seem to disappear from your field of vision…Posted on 07-14​Agree 11,000​​367 Comments​Share​Favorites​Like to continue to browse the content. Know that I found a bigger world.

Open Chrome and continue to stay away from the troubles. Civil engineering practitioners 438 people agree with the answer. Let me tell you this, our second and third-tier small cities in the gym There are really not many beautiful women. First, there are still a small number of Chinese women who love sports. Many women who have a sense of urgency to go to fitness are not good. Just look at the gym’s off-peak season. After the Spring Festival, the weather gets warmer.

Most Valuable Fitness Tips

This season is definitely the peak season for gyms because people begin to take off their heavy winter clothes and they can’t hide their bodies. At this time, the gym is about a month or two. At this time, it is overcrowded. At this time, the chances of beautiful women appearing are also higher. But most of the beauties who apply for a card this season have no perseverance. Why should they go for a few days to take pictures?

I welcome beautiful women to come to the gym very much, especially those who wear simple clothes. Yesterday noon there were such beautiful women who were tall and well-proportioned. They came at the right time. I squatted to do weights yesterday. When it came to 150kg, she came and pulled her back next to me. I looked at her, and it seemed as if the Huawei Super Fast Charge was plugged in. 160kg completed twice and 170kg completed once.

Finally, I did 150kg five times with the help of muscle friends, refreshing. Edited on 08-14​Agree with 438​​97 comments​Share​Favorites​Like to continue browsing the content Knowing to discover a bigger world Open Chrome to continue public relations Konoha freehand teaches you effective public relations 355 people agree with this answer first answer more not much. many. However, it has little to do with you. I can’t rule out the following groups of people: \You are born with a six-pack abs mermaid line, you can push iron to the coach to kneel down and sing to conquer, and accidentally gave birth to a face of Daniel Wu with the same style. All you swipe at the door are VIP cards. A pair of shoes is as expensive as the whole body equipment of the fat man next door plus zero. Raise your hand to look at the 580,000 watches, and there will be an acquisition of Wanda later. You are humorous, smart, and gentlemen. When you saw a beautiful young lady, two sentences made him feel interesting. After running together for 20 minutes, he suddenly felt that the first 20 years were in vain. You are his Zhihu and his Baidu This is where his life goes. You are thick-skinned, extremely, the girl won’t run away from hitting you, licking the best. It just so happened that the girl just broke up with the first person and was pregnant with a child. If you don’t have it, what does it have to do with you to go to the gym? If you have them, what does it mean to you to go to the gym or not? Go to the gym, let’s lose weight, Zhaizai!

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