Summer Fitness Tips

Summer Fitness Tips

 4 Tips for Summer Fitness

The weather is getting hotter, and there are some tips for summer fitness that require more attention.

1. Be careful before and after fitness. Generally, you should jog for three to five minutes before exercise to accelerate blood circulation, and then stretch the muscles and joints of the whole body to prepare them for the exercise to be carried out later. After the exercise, don’t sit down on the spot, let the heart rate slowly decrease to normal. For example, jog for three to five minutes after exercise and do some relaxing activities at the same time. If there is obvious fatigue, it means that your exercise volume is too large and should be reduced appropriately.

2. It is safe to lose about one kilogram in one month. Under normal circumstances, it is safe to lose about one kilogram a month. In order to lose weight quickly, some people rely on eating fruits and drinking soup to satisfy their hunger. After a month, their weight will drop significantly. This is very unscientific and cannot last. When a person decides to lose weight, he should choose a method that can be persisted for a long time, such as insisting on proper exercise every day, while maintaining a good physical condition, but also keeping a slim figure, killing two birds with one stone.

3. Exercise time that suits you  As long as you think a certain period of time is appropriate, it is your reasonable exercise time. As long as you want, any time of the day can be your ideal exercise time. The key is to persist every day.

4. Summer fitness and hydration tips Fitness nutrition experts remind bodybuilders that when exercising on hot summer days, the body’s metabolism rate will be higher than other seasons, which means that exercise will consume more nutrients in the body. If you don’t supplement it in time, It will inevitably cause damage to the body. The first is to replenish water because the hot weather and intense exercise will make the bodybuilder sweat.

Ordinary people who do a relatively large amount of exercise for 1 hour at 30 degrees Celsius can emit more than 3 liters of sweat. If they do not add water in time.

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When the body dehydration reaches about 1/4 of the body weight, symptoms such as fatigue, anorexia, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps, and even fainting will appear. In addition to increasing water loss during summer sports, many minerals will be lost with sweat. Exercisers can increase the intake of these minerals by eating more fruits and vegetables, because potassium, sodium, chromium, zinc, selenium, and other minerals are rich in vegetables and fruits. In addition, vitamin supplementation cannot be ignored, because B vitamins directly participate in the body’s energy production, and therefore directly affect the improvement of exercise capacity.

This requires bodybuilders to eat more milk, green vegetables, red vegetables, red meat, sea plants, mushrooms, etc.

    Have you noticed the common sense of fitness ?

Summer Fitness Tips

The exercise time is best to be fixed. Every exercise should be arranged at the same time as much as possible so that you can develop good exercise habits and help the body’s internal organs to form a conditioned reflex. Do not exercise one hour after meals and one hour before going to bed, otherwise, it will affect digestion and sleep. The best time for physical strength is generally between 15:00-20:00, which can be considered as the main exercise time.

The amount of load depends on your physical strength. Generally speaking, the effective number of times for developing muscle mass is 8-12 times, at least not less than 8 times. This amount should be the best effort. Therefore, the load should be controlled at 70%-80% of the individual’s maximum strength, that is, the most effective number of times to use this load is to use a large load, no more than 5 times. The most effective number of times to develop endurance and reduce fat is to do 20 times with a small load. The waist and abdomen fat can be reduced even until they can’t move.  The rest time should not be too long. The rest time between each practice group should not be too long, generally between 40 seconds and 50 seconds.

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The rest time should not exceed 15 minutes. Long rest time will affect the exercise effect.
Self-feeling is the natural reaction of a living organism, and it is also a signal of human body changes. Self-feeling is divided into normal feelings and abnormal feelings.

Normal feelings are often thirsty, hungry, sleepy, fatigue, cold, heat, fullness, pain, numbness, etc. These feelings can be eliminated as conditions change.


In fitness activities, when you find abnormal feelings, you should stop the activity, seek medical diagnosis and treatment, or consult an expert.


In fitness activities, you should pay attention to the following abnormal feelings:


1. Dizziness: In fitness activities, except for some rotation exercises, there will be no feeling of dizziness. If long-lasting or short-term dizziness occurs, you should not reluctantly move. Especially middle-aged and elderly people should stop activities and seek medical treatment, with special emphasis on the cardiovascular system and cervical spine examinations.

2. Headache: Headache should not occur during or after all sports activities. When a headache occurs, you should stop your activities and focus on the nerve, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular system examinations.

3. Asthma: Asthma is a normal phenomenon in exercise. As the intensity of exercise varies, it can return to normal after rest. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is an abnormal phenomenon if the patient suffers from a slight activity and cannot recover after a long rest period. Should stop activities, focus on respiratory system examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

4. Thirsty: I often feel thirsty after exercise. This is normal. If you drink a lot of water, you are still thirsty, and you have too much urination, this is an abnormal phenomenon, you should check the pancreas function.

5. Hungry: Appetite increases after exercise, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, if the food intake increases sharply and continues, go to the endocrinology department to check the pancreatic secretion function.

6. Anorexia: After intense exercise, it is normal to not want to eat, and to have a good appetite after rest. It is abnormal if you don’t want to eat for a long time and you are anorexia. Should check the digestive function.

7. Fatigue: Fatigue after fitness activities is a normal phenomenon. Generally, you should recover after a 15-minute rest after the activity. If you cannot recover for several days.

Indicates that the amount of exercise is not suitable, and the amount of exercise can be reduced. If you still feel persistent fatigue after reducing your activity, you should check your liver and circulatory system. 8. Pain: People who have just started activities, people who have stopped activities for a long time, and then resumed activities or changed new activities will cause muscle soreness in certain parts, which is a normal phenomenon.

Although it is sore, it generally does not cause dysfunction. If pain occurs in the joints or near the joints and there is joint dysfunction, this is abnormal. You should stop your activities and check whether the joints are sick.

At the same time, pay attention to abnormal feelings such as numbness and swelling. According to personal physical characteristics, do not exercise too much during exercise. Teenagers and children can exercise until they sweat. For middle-aged and elderly people, as long as the body feels warm, sweat slightly, and feel comfortable, it must not be blindly in order to improve the body’s immunity. Heavy exercise. A large number of research data show that proper physical exercise enhances the body’s immunity, while excessive exercise will reduce the body’s immunity.

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