The less Enthusiastic you Start Training, The Better!

The less enthusiastic you start training, the better!

The less enthusiastic you start training, the better!

Over the years of training and personal training, one firm belief has developed that there is the main result of “heroic” trips to the gym. These are not bumpy biceps, triceps, everything is much simpler – this is health and longevity. Everything else is a nice addition. You can comfortably do fitness at the MultiSport sports club.

The less enthusiastic you start training, the better! “Taste comes with eating”, “harness slowly, but drive fast” – that’s what you need to focus on.

How many boys and girls with “burning” eyes flashed like a comet, and they are not, but as they started, every day, for several hours and there are no barriers to them, but, alas, “things are still there.” And now I will say “terrible” – hold on! Never do deadlifts and squats with a barbell on your shoulders! And with the bench press, very carefully, do not do less than 10-8 repetitions. Undoubtedly, these three basic exercises have a lot of advantages, here both the general construction of body weight and the maximum increase in strength, but everything is crossed out by one huge disadvantage.

The less enthusiastic you start training, the better!

Almost all injuries are caused by these “pillars” of bodybuilding! Heavy sets with free weights have nothing to do with health! And this is the main thing for us, I hope you haven’t forgotten? If you work out in a well-equipped gym with a lot of machines, forget about barbells and dumbbells altogether as a bad dream.

Modern simulators are so designed that it is almost impossible to get injured on them, even if you try very hard. I want to rehabilitate myself a little in the eyes of the fraternity if without squatting with a barbell is completely unbearable, squat with a barbell on bent elbows in front of you, the so-called squat of “middle managers”.

See also: Mastering the push of two kettlebells in a long cycle Exercise amazingly loads the quads of the thighs and buttocks, strengthens the muscles of the lower back, and no problems with the spine! That’s it! The rest of the advice is not so “global” and more traditional Three or four workouts a week is enough for progress. We perform the exercises at an average pace, without jerking, any sudden movement can lead to injury, our ligaments do not like rough handling.

Stretch after each set. Flexible, beautiful, strong – words are synonymous. Stretching is also done without jerking, smoothly, and for at least 15-20 seconds. on the working muscle. Don’t forget about aerobic exercise. Be sure to walk 3-4 times a week on a track or an exercise bike, or an ellipsoid, the latter is preferable, a minimum load on the ligaments with a maximum training effect. Welcome to the amazingly wonderful world of fitness!

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