Foreign journalists and public and political figures supported Azerbaijan

Foreign journalists and public and political figures supported Azerbaijan

Today the just cause of Azerbaijan is supported not only by our compatriots living abroad but also by foreign experts friendly to our country, well-known journalists, public and political figures. This was announced by the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Work with the Diaspora.

It is noted that they call on the world community to defend the fair position of our country.

American journalist and analyst Irina Tsukerman: “The Armenian attack on civilians and densely populated areas of Azerbaijan led to the death of people. This is a war crime and a violation of human rights. Azerbaijan’s land was illegally occupied by Armenia in violation of numerous UN resolutions.”

French historian Maxim Gain in his publications on the social network exposed the true face of Armenia and expressed support for Azerbaijan: “The negotiations since 1994 have not yielded any results. Azerbaijan is returning what was stolen by the Yerevan regime.”

Pakistani expert on sustainable development goals in UN projects, founder of the Pakistani-Azerbaijani alumni union Qaiser Nawab: “Undoubtedly, Karabakh is Azerbaijan … Pakistani youth unequivocally and fully support Azerbaijan in the ongoing Karabakh conflict.”

Foreign journalists and public and political figures supported Azerbaijan

Bangladeshi journalist Marziya Mumu shared photos of the Khojaly genocide, families from the funeral ceremony of civilians and servicemen who died during the military provocation of Armenia in July 2020, as well as houses destroyed as a result of this provocation: “Genocide, occupation, and aggression.”

And the Israeli writer and journalist Peter Lukimson, in his publications on social networks, categorically condemned the fact that people who have never been to this region and have no idea of ​​its ancient and modern history are fighting on the side of Armenia in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. In his words, “such people are not worried about the fact of conducting military operations in the lands of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia, from which the local population has been expelled.”

The report of the state committee notes that Japanese singer Keiko Yamamoto also expressed support to our country on Facebook:

“I first visited Azerbaijan in 2014, where I took part in the Pomegranate Festival. I wanted to launch the export of pomegranate juice, introduce (Japan) to pomegranate as a symbol (of Azerbaijan). In 2018, I came again, took part in the commemoration ceremony for Heydar Aliyev. Azerbaijan has a small territory, it has a big heart. I am in love with the music and culture of this country. May the world return to it … Long live Azerbaijan! “

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