Nokia officially announced that it successfully won 63% of 5G orders from the UK: it will replace Huawei with a counterattack

Nokia officially announced that it successfully won 63% of 5G orders from the UK: it will replace Huawei with a counterattack

With the continuous acceleration of global 5G network construction, more than 60 countries around the world have announced that they have entered the 5G network commercial era, which also means that the competition between major communication equipment manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers has begun to become more and more fierce. Especially in the 5G network equipment market, due to the fact that Huawei, which has always been the leader, suddenly suffered from all-round sanctions by the United States, this also caused Nokia and Ericsson to start targeting this opportunity and frantically snatch Huawei’s 5G commercial orders. According to industry sources, Recently, Ericsson and Nokia’s 5G equipment market share has risen linearly, while Huawei’s 5G market share has gradually declined, because everyone wants to carve up most of the 5G market, Huawei;

Just recently, Nokia once again announced its domineering official announcement, announcing that it has won over 63% of the UK’s 5G order share, becoming the largest supplier of 5G network equipment for British Telecom, successfully replacing Huawei’s original position, and this time the UK They will also choose to cooperate with Nokia, and in the future will also use Nokia’s 5G technology to gradually replace Huawei’s 5G technology, which also means that Huawei’s 5G market share in the UK will gradually shrink.


In fact, this is also expected for Huawei, because the UK has previously announced that it will ban Huawei from participating in the construction of 5G networks in the UK, and will remove all Huawei communication equipment before 2027, which also means that in 2027, Huawei’s market share of communications equipment in the United Kingdom will drop to 0%; and Nokia has also successfully seized the opportunity this time and made a leap to become the largest 5G network equipment supplier in the United Kingdom.

Although Nokia domineeringly announced that it successfully counterattacked Huawei in the UK market and became the largest 5G network equipment supplier in the UK, in the global 5G market, Huawei and ZTE still occupy most of the market share. Of course, this is also because of China’s The world’s largest 5G network market. The three major domestic operators mainly use Huawei and ZTE’s 5G equipment for 5G network construction. Therefore, Huawei’s 5G market share is still the world’s largest. Of course, China’s 5G network construction also benefits from Huawei and ZTE’s advanced The technology and equipment support of the company have changed the backward situation in the past 2G, 3G, and 4G network markets.

Today’s Huawei is still facing constant suppression and sanctions, and the problems facing Huawei are becoming more and more difficult. For example, the construction of the chip manufacturing industry chain, Huawei must rely on its own strength to solve the lithography machine, semiconductor materials, etc. With the localization of core technologies, I also hope that Huawei can survive this difficulty. Once Huawei can successfully survive this difficulty, I believe we will usher in a brand new Huawei.

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