Student Simulator MOD APK 1.0 (Unlimited Money, All Skins Unlocked)

School Girls Simulator MOD APK

Visit High School Again with School Girl Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked). Purchase the skins you need with the cash you jump on the MOD structure.



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Introduced on School Girls Simulator

Style of play

School Girls Simulator is a propagation game about school life, yet from an alternate point and more humiliating than the real world.

School Girls Simulator MOD APK

You will assume the part of a secondary school young lady and go to another school in Japan. At the same time, not exclusively are you planning books, you are picking garments for class, you additionally need to fight off zombies to guard your friends.

If you just need the life expectancy of a common liner and needn’t bother with the messiness made by the zombie swarms, you can dispose of that factor utilizing the Basic UI switch. Your class time is wild or not, anticipate the hurry. In the event that you initiate “Kick,” you can assault anybody in the event that they disillusion you.

In any case, you have to do this in a quiet spot to ensure that individuals don’t understand that you are annoyed with the standard. If you are accounted for, you will be repulsed by the watchmen or some other assortment of hooligans. This causes you to lose and need to play once more.

School Girls Simulator MOD APK

Furthermore, you can likewise communicate and associate with individuals around you. A few people who care about your beguiling looks will attempt to stand apart from others to get took note. Now, you can decline to talk or mess around with them so as to have a sentimental relationship.


School Girls Simulator has definite controls. You contact the joystick in the left 50% of the screen to move the character. Allude to the right half of the screen to change the viewpoint.

In the correct corner of the screen is the action catches. X assaults, R for taking, L for object information or another person’s data, and A for exercises that differ as indicated by conditions. Notes for each key are shown early on stretches. The system likewise makes proposals when you are working with somebody.


In the event that you are excessively depleted with demanding homeroom activities and conversations, you may feel more joyful and somewhat busier with the mission disposition.

School Girls Simulator MOD APK

Missions additionally give you intriguing positions and awards for investigating different things. They are exceptionally simple to do, for instance, to find a spot in the hall and drench yourself in your ideal spot, kiss somebody, purchase pastries, help your allies to take out their adversary or butcher 100 zombies.

Clearly, the mission doesn’t anticipate that you should wrap up. There is something extraordinary about giving you more decisions and changing your experience.

Alter Your Character

At the fundamental interface, you can alter your character. The parts that can be changed incorporate outfit, hairdo, hair shading, eye shading, ears, and stature. Other than that, there are ensembles, for example, glasses, caps, and socks.

Every one of these parts and extras is accessible. Notwithstanding, the game just has a couple of things for every classification. On the off chance that you need more, you can browse the store on the correct side of the screen, at that point watch an advertisement to get it for nothing.

On the other hand, on the off chance that you would prefer not to play like a student, you can change your sexual orientation to male for a manly look.


Zombie is one of the factors that make the school young lady test system more hair-raising and captivating. They will hurt different associates and you should chase them down.

So as to get an opportunity to battle zombies, you have to plan weapons. At the point when you get the opportunity to class, different weapons will show up in the tree before you, including sharp edges, hatchet hatchets, and captivating wands. Entertainers have somewhat more quality, can inhale fire, and cause the rival to lose all the more prosperity. This turns out to be much more perceptible when you face a group of zombies or a bunch of people.

In any case, there are in like manner a couple of difficulties here. Zombies are not in their certifiable structure like you see on TV. They will change into other regular understudies and walk around in school. You can understand who is a zombie if they have any objection imperfection on their heads, anyway, others don’t. Thusly, you need to take that zombie to a withdrew region to execute her.


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